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We love hearing how the medicine has aided you, inspired you, healed you, catapulted you into a reality you couldn't even dream of! 



We would love to have you join us!!!

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An experience unlike anything I have experienced. I am so grateful to Omar and to all who partook in the experience with me. It felt more like a joyous reunion of light beings coming together! I look forward to continuing to build my relationship with this beautiful healing medicine!


The Akasha ceremony was life-changing. I cannot describe the amazing experiences with words. I will forever be changed in a positive way that will last the rest of my life. The healing that occurred will be a benefit to my children and their children. I am grateful to the medicine, Omar, and those who had the experience with me.


To my Soul Family, thank you for choosing to experience infinity with me…over and over again, may we always remember who we are.


Omar, I wanted to say thank you, so, so, so much for these last few days. For me, I feel like I’ve gone to another level with my life and with my healing. That level is just the acceptance of myself, a constant, constant love and acceptance of myself, no matter what comes up. I feel like that changes the game completely. I’ve also come to the acceptance that I’m not necessarily where I thought I was in the stages of my growth. Learning where I am is perfect, and I don’t need to rush anything. 


Today, I have so much joy; it’s not even crazy. Like, I got back to my aunt’s, singing and dancing around, and she’s like, “What did you take, Theo?” I’m just so elated. I feel like now I have this little secret that I carry with me everywhere: that I’m so perfect, and I love all of me, and who I am, and where I am, and what I am. My home is so good and so amazing; it’s just overwhelmingly amazing. And I really owe it all to you. So thank you so much for everything, and hopefully, I will see you again soon.


I wanted to extend my gratitude again to you. The details on the accident you gave yesterday I feel was a catalyst to a connection with you. The change in my heart and soul is almost beyond words but the words wouldn’t be worthy of what happened yesterday. The chaos, weight, shame and depression are gone. With your help, the trash took itself out. I’m honored to sit with you on the 9th of November. I spoke with Pilar after you left and she informed me how great of an honor it was that you approved. I am forever grateful for you and Pilar. Thank you again Omar, may your day blessed and safe

What was your Experience?

Have you attended Ceremony with us before?

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