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Psychedelic Research Project

 Miriam Kaiyo, a Psychedelic Somatic Certified Therapist, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah and our very own Community Medicine Advocate & Researcher along with Anya Ragnhildstveit (at the University of Cambridge) - have teamed up as passionate volunteers to understand psychedelic therapy and its capacity to heal.  Due to our unique understanding of both psychedelic medicines and research methodology, we created this anonymous assessment tool in order to learn how these types of medicine experiences are impacting people. In other words, we’re hoping to bridge the world of spirituality and medicine work with scientific understanding.

Be a part of the MOVEMENT!

Watch the Video Below to learn more!


We are hoping that you will participate in an anonymous survey before and after your upcoming medicine journey. These are pre- and post-assessment tools allow for you, your facilitator or Shaman, and eventually the larger community to better understand how these psychedelic medicines are impacting individuals' well-being.

Why should I participate?


Here are the potential benefits of completing these surveys:

  • Track your progress:  You’ll have a copy of your survey results, which allow you to compare pre- and post-survey scores, tracking your own progress over time. 

  • Support your facilitator’s practices:  Your medicine facilitator or Shaman will receive reports of the results, trends, and patterns observed in the people they work with.  This understanding can contribute to their improved facilitation.  Additionally, facilitators can share these general results with the people they work with, fostering more transparency and trust.

  • Promote more understanding in this field:  Over time, the de-identified data collected from these surveys may be analyzed allowing the wider community to learn how these types of experiences are changing people’s lives.  We hope that someday, this data may improve the use and facilitation of these sacred medicines. 


What about my privacy?


Protecting your anonymity is our number one priority.  We do not collect any identifiable information, such as your name, date of birth, address, email, or phone number. Your survey results cannot be traced back to you. Only you will know your unique participant ID (which you will create), and only you will know your results.  


How do I take the surveys?

  • Within a week of your medicine journey, please take this 20-minute pre-survey by clicking here. Your facilitator ID is “O" (for Omar ). Be sure to save and print out your results.

  • Within a week after your medicine journey, please take this 20-minute post-survey by clicking here. You may or may not receive an email reminder to take both the post-survey, so please add a reminder in your calendar. Again, be sure to save and print out your results so you can compare them side-by-side.

  • You (or anyone else) can take these surveys at any time by going to our website: International Collaborative for Psychedelic Medicine.


To leave anonymous feedback, click here.

To connect with Miriam Kaiyo, please email  

To learn more about the surveys, please check out our website: International Collaborative for Psychedelic Medicine.


Thank you for your participation and for your beautiful medicine work. May your healing journey be blessed!

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