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The quantum field is not imaginary, it is quantifiable. "Quantum" means the "smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon."


It is a form of measurement of the seemingly "unseen"...…not unfelt

A moment within the moment


Our Shaman being a native Mexican, is one of only 9 Shamans given the lineage and blessing to offer this medicine. He first came to live in the Mayan Empire in 1993, much before the tourist boom. He was lucky enough to spend 18 years in the Yucatan Jungle with native Mayans due to the fact that he was an underwater cave scuba diver instructor and would explore the ‘Cenotes’ with the local Mayans as his guides. They took him into their culture, taught him some of the Mayan language and taught him about the legends and folklore.


It was deep in the jungle with these local Mayan Shamans that he became very spiritual. This was his first initiation into becoming a facilitator of all the jungle medicines. He arrived in the Amazon jungle for the first time in 2004 and in the year 2011, he moved there only to spend 8 years living and working deep in the Amazon rainforest learning the ancient ways of the last true Amazonian Shamans there. Facilitating thousands of Ayahuasca ceremonies and doing many Master Plant Dietas himself as part of his own personal healing journey. He was able to learn Kambo from the authentic Matses and partook in many Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies. 


Upon leaving the Amazon, the Spirit of Bufo Alvarius came to him to be a conduit for serving this potent toad medicine from the Mexican Sonoran desert. Not too long after while on a trip back to the Yucatan Peninsula, he was offered to sit with Tepezcohuite, the Mayan Ayahuasca, the Mayan Tree of Life, or well known as the Mayan Healing Tree. When he first met the Shaman that was going to serve him, the Shaman told him that the medicine had been calling him to be of service in using it to facilitate people’s healing, and that’s how the initiation began. After receiving the blessing from the head of all the Tepezcohuite Shamans, he was on his way to serve this miraculous medicine in such a time of need. Only 9 Shamans have been initiated worldwide. 

Along with his team of fellow journeyers with an array of experience in the healing arts, Quantum Soul Journey was born! Quantum Soul Journey has been building momentum, creating collective communities all across the world! The medicine at the helm for this awakening into deep remembrance of Soul, of reverence for tradition, of how we all are truly connected not only in our collective pain, but in collective joys as well!! 

Welcome to Quantum Soul Journey!!

Artist-Anderson Debernardi



The Love Manifesto 


Quantum Soul Journey is a healing journey empowered through Love. We strive for Authenticity, which for us is synonymous with Tradition, hence our Uniqueness. 


We have a firm belief that healing does not always have to be hard. That deep healing can be achieved through heart enriched medicine channeled by our world renowned master shamans. 


Step into being reborn and be Youniquely happy again. 


Healing doesn't have to be traumatic. 


We inject love into what we do.



Quantum Soul Journey serves our community by providing authentic ceremonial medicines and methodologies to achieve the highest healing objectives of our clientele.



We envision a world where people everywhere are connected to their innate ability for expansion! Connecting “up levelers” to each-other and their Highest Heart of Hearts! Evolving, Healing, and amplifying our abilities as humans by embracing our true nature through Authentic Ceremony with Traditional Sacred Medicines.



QSJ serves our community by embodying a Code of Ethics that upholds the Tradition, Authenticity and Integrity of Sacred Ceremony and aligns to, and honors, the ancient wisdom of the sacramental medicines we administer.


Core Values

~ Respect for the Medicine and Tradition ~

~ In Service to Expansion of the mind, body and soul via deep Soul Healing, catalyzed by the Medicine ~

~ Compassion for the Person in Process ~

 ~ Love is our Currency ~

Meet the Team!

Image by Distinct Mind

"Hearts unite, dancing energies bust into connection. Particles displayed in sacred rhythm creating space and time. A ripple that exceeds infinite realms of possibilities, expanding birth. Pioneering, pushing the outer limits of the unknown. Love, Light, Creation."

Drew S.

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