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Shared Experiences

Hello dear Quantum Soul Friends!

We love hearing how the medicine has aided you, inspired you, shown you healing, catapulted you into a reality made of dreams come true!


Photo Credit: Gabriel NG

We would be ever so grateful for you to share YOUR shared experience!! Maybe tell us how Tepezcohuite has aided you, your experience with the community, and/or the team that made it possible! Share your visions, your intentions, your integration.......your healing. Share whatever you feel called to.

Here is a snippet from one of our beloved community members:

"I am so grateful for this life-changing medicine. I had yet to experience Tepezcohuite before I sat with Omar and Quantum Soul. I felt safe and found the ceremony respectful of the traditions and process. The ceremony has changed the way I view the world. The trauma healing I experienced was so profound. I had been working on finding a way to deal with a painfully traumatic childhood through modern medicine and was still having recurring negative thoughts. After the ceremony, I found peace and gratitude for everything I had gone through."


Your story is important in this ever changing landscape of humans "being" as we open up to the Psychedelic REVIVAL!!

We can't wait to hear yours!!


Looking to "up-level"/attend a ceremony?

We have many locations to offer! See below or visit our Event Page.


Never attended Ceremony with us before?

Book a Discovery Call with us!

This is a one-on-one video chat with one of our team members, just for you. We can answer all your questions, meet each other and connect!

PS: We are always just an email away! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello!!

With Loads of LOVE!,

QSJ & Team

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