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~Sacred Tree of Life~

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Welcome Quantum Souls to our first offering in

"The Share"!

We are so grateful you are here!

In lieu of what truly sparked the building of this QSJ Community, we wanted to pay homage to the medicine itself. This

“Let your awareness discover its ability to engage in its unlimited nature through the many incarnations of your Oversoul. Let loving yourself become natural. Let self-discovery become joyful. Allow limitations to invoke your laughter and inspire divine creativity. Let the world of form become your cosmic playground”

Hathor, Egyptian Sky Goddess

"Tree of Life"-

In Ancient times the Tree of Life is said to give eternal life and knowledge of the divine plan and be the map of destiny and was also the home of the Phoenix Bird.

The Phoenix is a bird of the Sun symbolizing a rebirth through transformation. It has a solar relationship to the golden sun as do the flowers on the Tree of Life. The flowers blossom in the sun and close in the darkness. For this reason ceremonies are done while the sun is still shining. Our Eternal Sun is Golden Fire, both the color and element of transformation.

The Tree of Life, for thousands of years has been a sacred symbol of the bridge between Heaven and Earth leading to the pathway of enlightenment. The roots are symbolic of the interconnectedness of all life reminding us that We Are One, all creations existing from the same source chosen to incarnate here on earth. The trunk is the body containing the DNA blueprint of who we truly are and through the process of epigenetics we retain the cellular memory of all the incarnations of our Oversoul and the Self Masteries of other lifetimes that our Higher Self has chosen for us. The crown of the tree is the branches, leaves and flowers. The crown reaches for the heavens striving to connect with the divine source of ALL THAT IS. Also known as the Tree of Immortality, we are given the wisdom that our soul is forever. Each incarnation across the galaxy is a rebirth and each death is merely a transformation to a new beginning. It reveals messages from the gods with great power and gifts us with the wisdom of pure love and truth.

Many religious texts have said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, as is God. It is often our humanness that creates dense energetic blockages that attach to us and cause resistances from experiencing the true Godself/source that is present within each of us. We are the prism reflecting the embodiment of ALL THAT IS and Transcendence is a state of consciousness present in different dimensional realms of creation.

Like the seeds of a tree that are planted, we must first grow through the depths of the darkness and create a strong-grounded foundation, before we can experience the truth and beauty of the light. In this life we are first created in a dark cosmic womb before being birthed into the light. And so our Journey back to sovereignty and our divine self begins.

Choose to remember who you were before the world told you who you should be. Be the light that shines upon the earth you chose to walk on. Feel safe to be seen for who you really are and ground yourself in pure divine love of your Higher Self. Unconditional love and acceptance is your birthright.

Through Intention and Ceremony the Tree of Life Medicine helps us experience the highest truth of who we are through our innate connection to ALL THAT IS. It gives passage to and through dimensions of Creator Consciousness and Source Energy that has always existed within us and goes beyond the realms of possibility. This allows surrender and letting go of all the forced aspects that do not serve the authentic expression of our Higher Self. Learn to turn off the external sources of information and remove the subconscious programming we’ve received. Let your Sacred Heart guide you to your ascension beyond the 12th dimension. Let the creative forces of the element of love transform you.

We are all here to live through the experiences that are going to serve us in the greatest evolution of our soul. The experiences necessary for one soul to grow is their own unique journey perfectly designed for their evolution. We all learn at our own level of consciousness and Tree of Life medicine will first dissolve any energetic denseness and then move through any blockages, including the clearing of ancestral DNA imprints preventing your ascension.

The Tree of Life works with your DNA and gives you a direct path to the messages, wisdom, and healing from your Higher Self. It activates the unique blueprint that lays dormant within your cellular DNA memory waiting for you to access it. It will remove the blockages that prevent you from accessing the Godself within, so that you may experience your Heaven on Earth. Tree of Life medicine will catalyze your evolution by activating your Divine Genome so that you may awaken to the highest truth of who you really are.

Life grows where energy flows, energy flows where intention goes. Experience your truth. AND SO IT IS.

“Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!”

James Redfield-Author of The Celestine Prophecy

Thanks for reading. Till the next time!

In Love,

QSJ & Team

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Omar M’Rabet Gomez
Omar M’Rabet Gomez
20 de abr. de 2023
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Love it!! Great job Kat and Adrienne!!! BRAVO!!

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