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Kindra Kuntz

Integration Specialist

"A fundamental part of being human is that we all long for a deep sense of belonging. I want to welcome you to Kindred Connection- founded on the belief that connection is at the root of all healing. I offer integration work pre and post ceremonies, individual therapy, EMDR, support group for grief and trauma, and somatic awareness classes to support calming the nervous system. All are welcome here."

I specialize in nervous system regulation and trauma-informed therapy, grief and loss support, addiction recovery, attachment theory, grounding somatic practices, spiritual connection, ritual, and building community.

In addition, I am trained in yin yoga and meditative practices used to calm the nervous system that allow the body to come back ‘online’ after enduring traumatic or overwhelming experiences that lead to shut down and disconnection of the self.

My philosophy is healing happens through safe and supportive connection.

I work with clients in a collaborative manner with the belief that YOU are your best healer. I work intuitively and experientially to support your needs on a moment to moment basis. I believe everything is our teacher if we allow it to be. Becoming quiet enough to remember we have all the answers we need allows us to return home to ourselves.

Kindra Kuntz
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